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Our Mission

Whether our clients are athletes or non-athletes, our goal is to help them succeed in both their daily lives and sports performance. We provide personalised 1-on-1 guidance to ensure that they correctly progress in their flexibility journey, enabling them to reach their flexibility goals more swiftly.

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Our Story

ILLIMITÉ PERFORMANCE was established with a profound mission: to empower individuals to surpass their limitations. The name "ILLIMITÉ" embodies boundless potential. Our philosophy is rooted in personal experiences and keen observations. We have witnessed countless individuals struggle with mobility as they age, endure persistent pain without finding lasting relief, and witness athletes facing frequent injuries that prematurely end their careers.

stretching, flexibility coaching, London
Our Coaching Methods

Our training methods are distinct and exceptionally efficient. These methods have been meticulously crafted over three decades by Joe Hippensteel, a former top-ranking USA decathlete, and a seasoned Navy SEALs trainer for the past 12 years. These methods were designed to enable continuous and sustainable high-intensity training while minimising the risk of injuries. They have been embraced by some of the world's most rigorously trained individuals, including Navy SEALs and professional athletes, along with numerous individual clients.

Joe Hippensteel method
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Executive Coach, Co-founder of Illimité Performance

Anna, an experienced nurse with a years of hospital care and UHP (Ultimate Human Performance) training from Joe Hippensteel, embraces an active life. As a mother of two energetic children, she deeply understands the significance of fitness and flexibility. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle drives her to lead and guide others on their path to wellness. 

Anna looks forward to the opportunity to assist you on your journey toward comprehensive musculoskeletal health and the achievement of your personal and athletic goals.

photo, flexibility coach, London
Executive Coach, Founder of Illimité Performance

Freddie, a former semi-professional football player, received UHP(Ultimate Human Performance) training from Joe Hippensteel after enduring two shoulder injuries from sports and car accident. Conventional physiotherapy could not alleviate his pain or facilitate a complete recovery. However, implementing UHP methods has been a game-ganger for him. His shoulder's range of motion has significantly improved, pain and discomfort have vanished, and he has regained a high quality of life. Freddie is passionate about enabling both athletes and non-athletes, regardless of their age, to enhance their fitness levels and achieve transformation. His ultimate goal is to empower individuals to continuously enhance their performance, year after year.

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